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Donut Slope

Grab your Donut and head to the top of our rapid donut slide – not for the faint hearted! Our outdoor attraction is unbelivable fun for all ages as you whizz down the sharp decine and barrel towards the end of our long stopping zone. Unlimited go’s on this will definitely leave you with a head and stomach rush!

Bumper Cars (1-1.5m height requirement)

Speed and spin around our bumper zone, crashing in to your friends with our amazing new bumper cars. The light up, they play music, the spin and most importantly of all they crash into all other all in a harmless yet fun way. Plus theres a great viewing area for parents to get pictures and laughs!


Do you think you can reach the top of Scotlands ONLY travellator? Race to the top in this Gladiators game of speed as the travellators belt tries to send you back to the start.

Due to the difficulty of this challenge, there is a height restriction on the travellator.

Ninja Run

3 runs of all different sizes to run and pull yourself up for anyone wanting to prove their skills as the greatest warrior in Scotland. Great to build up from little to large for those first timers!

Jelly Mountain

Can you climb to the top of our huge inflatable mountain? Its heights have beaten many a climber but don’t worry, it wont hurt when you fall back to the inflatable bouncy depths below.

Drop Slides

For those who really aren’t scared of big heights and a fast drop. Perfect to tackle after you’ve worked your way up our Triple Height Slides and are ready for the big time excitement.

Assault Course

Want to challenge a friend to see who can get through all 4 lanes of our winding assault course?! be warned, there’s plenty of obstacles that require diving through, jumping over, crawling under and much more. It will have you out of breath by the end but definitely wanting to go again to beat your previous times.


This isn’t just bundles of fun to play, its hilarious to watch too! Jump over and duck under the padded arms of our sweeper as it spins all different speeds and directions. Can you be the last one standing or will it take you out…

Super Bounce Pillows

If you love a bounce, we’ve got you covered. We have a big bounce pillow area where you can get some decent height and just jump around to your hearts content. Perfect for some fun in between all the other great activities our park offers or just to see what kind of height you can get.

Stick Forest

Run through our inflatable stick forest without toppling over… or do! It’s more fun that way!


Can you sink our basketballs into the hoop?! The inflatable floor might give you a bit of help! 

Tots Area

We have a fantastic area built entirely for those ages 0-4 that can be booked separately to our main arena for a cheaper price and also includes a free adult ticket for those wanting on with the wee ones. It’s got a great range of activities for this age and best of all, its all inflatable too for complete safety with those trips and bumps.