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Virtual Reality

VR Offering

We are proud to offer VR as an addition to all general jumps. We have made sure that we have top quality equipment to run the games for the best experience.

We have 4 VR booths available, all have their own PC and HTC Vive Pro Headset. We have made a small seating area for friends and family to watch as we have a screen that observers can see what is happening in the games.

We are offering the VR as an addon to a general jump at £5 for a 15 minute session.

The 15 minutes is split up into 2.5 minutes to get set up with the headset on and game chosen, then roughly 10 to 12 minutes of gameplay and then the last couple of minutes is to allow the equipment to be cleaned before the next person goes on.

As this is technology based we may encounter some issues, most issues will be resolved very quickly however in the occasion where technology fails we will be providing refunds if no other booths are available to accommodate your time. We are confident that this won’t happen often.


Our sessions run 7 days a week, session start on normal weekdays from 12pm to 5.45pm. Fridays finish at 7.45pm. Saturday’s are 9am to 7.45pm and Sundays are 9pm to 5.45pm. (Session times may vary in the future)

During school holidays the weekday times will follow our opening hours.

Session lengths are 15 minutes, the times are 0-15, 15-30, 30-45, 45-0 every hour.

When you arrive in for your general jump you will be given a lanyard with your time on it which you will take up to the VR area and the staff member will get you started. It is your responsibility to make sure you are at the VR area for your start time. Failure to head up for your start time could result in losing your time slot. This would not be subject to a refund in this scenario. If we have space for the next session then you could be accommodated.


A normal 15 minute session is a £5 addition to your general jump, we are doing VR parties which are only available Monday to Friday which would be £15pp and you get a 2 hour general jump which will include the use of VR for those 2 hours as well. Minimum group of 10 which is in line with our regular group bookings.


Currently we have 6 games that we feel gives the best experience of the VR. We may add more games in the future but for now these 6 are the ones we are running with.

Beat Saber: This is a rhythm game with “lightsabers” where you choose a song and then slice the blocks in the direction of the arrows to get the most points.

Check out this link to see how to play the game.

Epic Roller Coasters: It is almost self-explanatory but we have 6 rollercoasters to choose from, you can either experience the rollercoasters in full or you an try shooting some targets while you go along the track with the shooting mode.

Check out the link blow to see what it will be like.

Riche’s Plank Experience: Ever wondered what it is like to fall off a building but without the actual death that results from that? Well look no further as you can experience what it is like. Not everyone will even be able to leave the elevator but it is a short and fun game to watch people try.

Check out this link to see what you are in store for.

Rush: This game has you base jumping off a cliff and using your arms in a wingsuit to glide and fly through a map, the closer you go to the ground the bigger the boost you will get and then use that speed boost to go faster.

Check out this link to see what the game is like.

Space Pirate Trainer: This arcade shooter has you shooting drones that are trying to destroy you, switch your weapons and dodge out of the way of incoming fire to try and get to the highest wave possible.

Check out this link to see how to play the game.

Superhot: The key to this game is the slower you move the slower the enemies move. This will have you punch, throw and shoot things at enemies, be careful though, one hit and you need to restart the level again.

Check out this official tutorial on how to play the game, pay attention on how to throw objects.

How to book

Once you have made your general jump booking online then give us a call to book your VR experience over the phone. If you haven’t booked online then you can ask at reception when you walk in. Due to the limited amount of equipment we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to get on the VR, as it will be served on a first come first serve basis.

VR parties will be fully bookable on the website but are ONLY available Monday to Friday, if a party at the weekend wishes to use the VR then they are subject to the standard pricing and availability as the general jumps.