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Capture the enemy Flag

Get into stealth mode as you slip behind enemy lines. This laser tag game lets you attack the opponent’s base camp and demoralise them. Capture their flag and safely return to your military base without getting caught.
This thrilling laser tag game in Irvine puts you under enemy fire. Yet, your goal is to get back to your base and prepare for counter attacks. After all, you will need to protect your own flag, base and fellow “soldiers.” This job is not easy, but it is a whole lot of fun!

Total Elimination

The object of the mission for this laser tag game is just as its name describes: Total Elimination. What other reason do you have for driving all the way to Bouncestation? Gather your Special Forces unit for the briefing and get ready to eliminate the enemy.

One way you might decide to do this is by sending two attack groups. Don’t forget the sniper team ready to aim and fire!


This task is all about holding the ground occupied by our unique Domination Box. The lights on the box will either show blue or red depending on which team is currently holding the position. The light colours are changed by opposing players making it to the box and firing a shot down the tube and bringing up their own team colour. Once one of the teams have held the position for a pre determined time the Domination Box will flash the winning teams colour. Respawn boxes are used in this mission and you must use military tactics to hold ground. Light colours of either red or blue indicate which team is in the Domination Box. The only way light colours change is if the opposing team makes it to the box and interrupts the other team holding the position.

Firing a shot down the tube during this laser tag game mode in Irvine means defeat. Holding your position for a predetermined time wins the game!

For the Adults we have…


Who said laser tag is primarily for kids? We decided to make it inclusive for all ages by going the extra mile and introduce a feature not found at any other later tag, A perfect combination of electrifying fun and plain old fear, but without any bruises…  Hyper Shock, the completely safe electric shock system that gets ALL the adults involve.